Accent Reduction Can Be Important for Business Professionals

A lot of business people have said that their confidence is damaged because of the manner they speak or their accent and their absence of American pronunciation is holding these people back from proceeding in their careers. They are somewhat hesitant to talk during meetings with their colleagues and other office people. They tend to talk so fast since they are apprehensive and nervous in making any mistakes and that they are afraid to slow down their speech in front of their audience or listeners. Their colleagues will keep on asking them to repeat what they are talking and in some instances, they are not willing to take them in their team because of the manner they speak.

A vice president of a prominent technical company in Silicon Valley, California, have finished an accent reduction for business experts or professionals program and have said that "After completing an accent reduction training, I have received a boost to my confidence. I speak more than 6 hours a day in meetings, and teleconferences and no longer is my message interrupted and misunderstood because someone asks me to repeat myself. My meetings run smoothly and my presentations are praised".

Another business professional communication form a certain computer technology institution is speaking English so fast with a portuguese, Japanese accent that hinders him from communicating so well in personal and business communication. He said that his English speaking workers are not able to comprehend what he was saying and that we was awkward enough other foreign speakers were able to comprehend his English a lot easier. The reason behind this is that people who are speaking more than one language in which a lot of Americans don't, have a greater point of view and are already used to listening heavy accent English.

A lot of people think that everyone else has an accent that they don't have. On the other hand, the trust is that all of us has an accent that is determined by the type of language we speak and where we have learned to speak it. In United States, there are a lot of English accents there such as Boston accent, Texas accent, Chicago, accent and so on.

But then again, if you want to have an American English accent, then it is highly recommended that you hire a coach. You can do this either online or offline whichever is more beneficial and convenient for you, click here to get started!